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Through this blog I hope to share with you techniques that you may implement to create sustainable and profitable solutions for your organizations.

Business Process Management

I believe that adding value (pause for corporate buzzword laughter) is the reason organizations exist. What separates high performing businesses with those teetering on irrelevance lies in their operations. To put it plainly, HOW these organizations actually do the work is the critical component of their success.

You may argue that it’s positioning, vision, marketing, etc. I submit that each of those components is made up of a set of actions, a Process, that produces the value- adding results which your customers are looking for.

Your Business Processes are the heavy lifters in your organization.

We’ll explore ideas on how to define and shape those Processes into the tools you and your teams leverage to create value.

Project Management

There’s a love/hate relationship when the topic of Project Management comes up. Whatever your thoughts, effective use of PM is critical and there are instances to use PM tools when dealing with Processes.

Measurements Analysis

“What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker.

Classic. Yet…

“Not everything that can be counted, counts.” – Albert Einstein

We’ll examine methods to create measures that gauge performance of these Processes. We’ll look into techniques and methodologies in Business and Data Analysis that can be used not only for Processes, but in managing the organization overall.

Business. Process. Management – Not necessarily in that order