All roads lead to your Customers

Ah, the new year. With so much focus on actions we’ve planned to improve our organizations, let’s not forget the key piece…When you reach the document that depicts a visual model of what your organization “looks” like, don’t forget to ask yourself,

“Where is our customer in this picture?”

Unless, of course, you don’t have a visual model of what your company looks like.

Consider the most basic of assumptions: all actions in your organization produce “something of value” and eventually “reach” your customer by some path/road…a delivery Process. Would you be able to articulate how all of organization’s roads intersect and, eventually, lead back to your customers?

In such an increasingly demanding, challenging and dynamic environment, why would you not allocate resources to the development and care of such a critical and important tool? How much value do you place on the map of your organization’s Processes and WHERE your customer is located within that map?

The organization that begins by first acknowledging the Customer is the centerpiece and THEN develops the model of the organization AROUND that Customer wins…and they win. Every. Single. Time.

Consider this: if your competitor knows where YOUR Customer fits into their organization…what’s the cost of not knowing where they belong in yours?

Place your Customer anywhere but the center of your organization and they will shift you away from the center of their focus, too.

All roads lead to the Customer. All of them. Forget to include them in the map of your organization and they will forget to include you in theirs.

Business. Process. Management – Not necessarily in that order